Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We had our first practice for TBall last night. Kylee's on the Diamondbacks, and she loves it. I was actually enjoying the break we've had between sports, and not having the evening craziness to get the kids fed and to practice and back home in bed at a reasonable hour... and I was secretly thinking of keeping Kylee out of TBall this year. She's done a ton of sports, and Owen isn't old enough to participate yet, so I thought about just continuing to play with them both on my own in the backyard. But, Kylee REALLY took to this sport, she was actually aggressive, and loved playing first base and tagging batters out. So, we're committed- and I'm looking forward to it. Baseball and softball are really big in our town, and it was great to be out there with a bunch of parents and the weekend games are going to be a lot of fun. Yay T-Ball!

Kylee's not super excited at 3rd base

Her first at bat

Lovin first base

Owen's a trooper and decides to play ball with Mom on the sidelines