Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preg. Update

Yesterday we had our weekly exam, and I didn't get checked because I was feeling no signs of labor. Also, Owen was with me, and I didn't want him asking all sorts of questions about how, exactly, that Dr was going to get that big baby out of my belly.
Also, we had a very quick check-up because we were rushing back home (1 hr away) for Kylee's last soccer game and pizza party. We didn't want to miss that! At my exam, the nurse who weighs me said- "You lost a pound- that means it's time." And she handed me my appointment card for next week, even though she said I'll most likely have the baby before then. My Dr. set me up to be induced next Thursday, Nov. 6, if we've had no baby by then.
Last night, we had a great time with Kylee's team and family who came to support her. We got the kids in bed, and were in bed by 10:30 ourselves (early for us!) I had a very restless night, woke up about every hour, and stayed up for good at 4am. I wasn't sure if I overdid it on the pizza, or had a return of the stomach bug, or maybe the baby was on her way. I took a shower and have been drinking lots of water, to see if that would make me better. That seemed to slow down and stop all the false labor I've had so far this pregnancy. I've been having mild contractions about every 7-10 min and am thinning. I called the baby counter at our hospital, she said to continue to monitor my contractions- but not to make the trip until I have contractions that are intense enough to make it difficult to walk or talk. Wes is working in town today, so he should be easy to reach in case things progress. I'm off to get the kids up and ready for school... I'm not sure if today is the day, but today sure is off to an exciting start. And regardless of what happens, it looks like within the next week- we will definitely have our new little girl!

UPDATE @ 2pm:
I'll try to post more often now that we're getting closer. I have been having contractions all day, but am convinced it's just another false labor day. Nothing has been crazy unbearable, but definitely different from other days. I'm exhausted from not sleeping last night, I've got the kids back from school and am going to try to convince them to rest in front of a movie with me. I need a little rest to get me through the day, especially if this does turn into full-on labor!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Kylee's B-day Bash

Kylee's 5th Birthday is a week and a half away, but we decided to throw an early party to celebrate... just in case we are tied up delivering a baby on her actual birthday. It turned out to be a great weekend for the party; weather was warm, it was the opening weekend for High School Musical 3, and our town's Autumn in the Alps fireworks were scheduled for the party night just across the street from our house. We figured, we have to throw a party now... we've got the theme (High School Musical) and the entertainment (Fireworks) already set for us. I let Kylee choose a few friends to invite... all but one family made it- which turned out to be 24 kids and 21 adults. It was a nighttime party, so it was great all the parents stayed to help manage the choas and monitor the younger siblings of the friends. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, we just let them play and had one craft that the kids enjoyed. It was a VIP party pass- I felt moved by the movie premier and wanted to go celebrity style up here in Weaverville! It was very cute watching Kylee gather each of her friends to take a photo with in our designated "photo spot," and they all sported little movie star sunglasses. They each decorated a Party Pass and wore them through the night. Here are some pictures from our little girl's big 5th Birthday Bash!

Here are Kylee and Alyssa getting ready for their pass photo at our Photo Spot

My two little party-goers take a picture together

Dad's a little overwhelmed in the craft area!

Daddy did a great job decorating the HSM basketball and star brownies.

A group of the kids at the party, sitting and enjoying the pizza together

Some of the group watching the fireworks in our driveway.

Dad and Grandpa enjoy the show

Kylee tries out her first roller skates from Grammy and Grandpa

My niece is all partied out after the big night!

After a big party, my nephew is ready for one last photo... Kylee is ready for bed!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Update

For those of you who are checking in every now and then to see if the baby has arrived... nope! I'm still waddling my insanely pregnant belly around with no signs of active labor. I love the last days of pregnancy, where people- both grown-ups and little kids, stare in amazement at the massive growth on my frontside. Yesterday, Owen and I silenced the whole Kindergarten wing of the school as we walked towards the parents waiting to pick up children. One dad spoke up and said, "We are all just in awe..." Nice. I'm here everyday people! My belly is going to just expand until this little girl decides it's time to come out. I know people are just excited, they want to see a baby, and I know everyday they hope they don't see me and that I'll be in the hospital... but I keep telling them, it's going to be awhile, sit back and watch me grow. They ask me how I feel, and I tell them "huge" or "ready to pop," and, to be honest, over the last few days... I'm really starting to feel rather "circus-freakish." I'm trying to not take too much offense to the stares and all that, some days I feel like hiding out at home in comfy clothes, with no worries if my belly isn't completely covered by my huge maternity shirts anymore. But, I want to remain active with the kids schools as much as I can while I can... so I just have to deal with it.

And had I hid out at home today... I would have missed this very proud mommy moment for my little girl: Kylee was honored by her principal as a Student of the Month at their school assembly! She stood out for Outstanding Efforts, Attitude, and Achievement in her Kindergarten classroom.

I didn't get much video... but documented the "moment!"

Kylee looks nervous, but luckily her two good buddies, Ben and Tristan were right beside her the whole time.

Back in the bleachers, I almost catch a smile from my proud little girl!

Kylee had no idea she was going to get an award, and told me afterward that she was really nervous, and was listening to her heart beat really loud the whole time she stood up there. So cute! I don't blame her- I was shocked at the turnout for the assembly. I didn't know there was going to be a full house at 9am. There were parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends of those who were being honored, I couldn't even get a parking spot and was standing way in the back trying to get a good picture and documentation for the family who couldn't be there. Next time I'll know to get there super early!

So, that's my "not-so-quick" Quick Update on our baby status/proud mommy moment going into the weekend. Hope everyone has a nice one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The past week...

was exhausting! Between a day-long battle with extreme false labor pains last Tuesday, a Dr. check-up, battling my own cold, taking care of sick kids who stayed home from school, field trips at school, two soccer games, baking for Kylee's snack and share day, early morning ballet class for Kylee on Saturday, and me getting a HORRIBLE stomach virus on Sunday... I'm wiped out. Today I'm back in Mommy mode, and had enough energy to help out in the classroom. Now, I've even got a few moments to catch you up on our busy week. Here are a few pics from Owen's walking field trip to the Children's Garden for pumpkins, crafts, some garden harvesting, warm apple cider and fresh pumpkin seeds.

Owen and some of the girls listen to a Pumpkin story

Owen and Sara compare Pumpkins at the craft table

Brian, Natalia, and Owen work on clearing out all the plants who have not made it through the frosty nights.

In pregnancy news, I'm currently not feeling the onset of labor as I was last Tuesday, and last week my Dr. confrimed that I was only 1-2cm dilated and 50% effaced, so I think delivery is still a ways off. I've got a check-up tomorrow, but I don't imagine anything will have changed. I'm planning an early B-Day party for Kylee this weekend, so I'm hoping we are still pregnant and not rushing off to the delivery room during the B-Day bash. And, I also figure the longer this baby stays inside, the better for the baby- we've just been devastated by colds, coughs and stomachaches this school year. Hopefully, we'll be all done with this maddness and healthy in time for bringing home baby.

That's all for now... I'll post more about our weekend projects when I get another free moment!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tahoe Weekend

Ross and Suzanne toast with "Ruby" Red wine on their Ruby Anniversary

The group picture at the dinner celebration

Kylee and Uncle Dave enjoy a heated game of Memory

Our family, all dressed up... and the kids all smiles after sitting at dinner for 3.5 hours! They were sooooo well behaved at this fancy restaraunt.

Mom and her little girl, and baby girl-to-be!

We had a great visit with family for my parents 40th Anniversary. It was freezing cold with snow flurries most of the weekend. We had a family run/walk Saturday morning, and a nice coffee shop breakfast. The kids loved spending time with their Grandparents, Uncles and Auntie Devon, and were SO well behaved- it amazed us! We had no kid activities planned, and they didn't really mind, they just loved hanging out and playing with the family they don't get to see as much. Seeing as Owen was getting over a cold, and I was feeling very pregnant- we ended up hanging out at our motel 6 for a restful Saturday afternoon. Wes worked on some drafting, and I even got a nap! It was nice to finally have some down time, especially since I had a bunch of contractions on the drive up Friday night, and I wanted rest, so as to insure we'd get through the weekend and back home before the baby decided to make an early appearance. In the back of all of our minds was a prediction of and "early arrival" from a fellow soccer mom a few weeks ago. I don't even know this mom's name, but she ran up to me at one of Kylee's games and said, "You're going to think this is weird, but I had a dream about your baby!" She told me she's never wrong about these things and her dream told her that the baby is coming early and I'm not going to be ready. It totally freaked me out! My friend who was sitting with me said, "How early are we talking?" And she said "Two weeks." Great. Should I even try to be ready if her dream already said I'm not going to be? What does this mean? I told her my kids don't come early, but I went home I decided I should probably do my best to BE ready, just in case. I got to work packing mine & Wes' overnight bag, the kids extra clothing and activity bags, and the new baby's diaper bag. I have the car seat all washed up, and everything has been sitting in the corner of my closest since the "prediction." As we traveled 5 hours away from our house, just about two weeks before my due date, I thought "Ahhhh! I am all ready if I go into labor at home! What if it happens this weekend? Then the soccer mom is right, I am soooooo not ready... everything I packed is there!" So, luckily, the baby hung in there for the whole trip, and now we are back home and all ready to hit the road anytime, if neccessary. Except... the hospital is 1.5 hours away, and Wes is working 1 hour away from me today. I'm ready to go, but transportation wise... not so much. Hang in there a a little longer, Baby Scribner! We can make it til due date!

Friday, October 10, 2008

40 Years Ago...

my parents got married! This Sunday is this milestone in their lives, and we'll be traveling to Lake Tahoe today to spend the weekend with them and a few of my brothers. Tahoe was a favorite camping spot for my family every year, and though we won't by camping (the weather is calling for SNOW!) we'll be able to enjoy time together honoring my wonderful parents. Here's to 40 years of wedded bliss, we love you, mom and dad!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Day

OK, so last night I started to write a post about my awful day- then I decided writing about it was kinda making me relive it- so I just went to bed frustrated and feeling like a terrible mom. Long story short, Owen and I have been butting heads a lot more than usual lately, and it culminated in a blow-up at preschool. He threw a nasty fit, shoes across the room, kicking and punching my belly... the works. The worst part was that it tested my disclipline skills (or lack there of) in front of all the heads of our Human Resource dept. It just sucked, it lingered with me all day as we butted heads at soccer practice and throughout the evening, and I went to bed thinking, "Am I ready to try and care for another child when I can't even handle the one I've got?"

I woke up this morning, took a deep breath, ready to tackle another day of the "Torturous Three's." (Whoever said the twos were terrible, clearly had never met a child like Owen. The threes are way worse.) Owen had a better morning, no major mishaps at school... so I left there with a little bit of self confidence regained. We met Wes at Kylee's school for our first ever Parent/Teacher Conference. It was actually really cool. I have been more than impressed with everything about Kylee's school, and her teacher. It's been a very positive experience, and the conference just reaffirmed that. He walked us through the grading process for the upcoming report cards, he talked about holiday fun events that are approaching, informed us about parent activities we may want to be involved in, and gave info about the stages of learning in Kindergarten. He more than reassured me that Kylee is doing wonderfully in school, as he knows we have worried about her starting Kindergarten young and falling behind with all the new testing standards. He honestly said that when she told him she was four, he said "no way" outloud and thought she was mixed up with her numbers. He said she was just one he didn't worry about... she is absolutely excelling in Kindergarten. I have heard so many parents say they would never start their kids at four, and I worry so much about her struggling because she was born in November and we chose to make her young in class, rather than old. Her teacher said, it comes down to just looking at the person, not the month they were born, not even whether they are boys or girls. He talked from a parent's perspective, too, because his son just turned 5 today- and he and is wife are both teachers and have many friends who told him the same thing. Especially about boys, who are supposed to mature much more slowly. Well, he looked at his son and knew he was socially and academically ready and would be absolutely bored if he were to wait it out another year. I didn't know his son was a four-year-old, fall baby, too, and I was so reassured by that! We talked about Kylee's shyness, and he has all these cool approaches to bringing the quiet ones out of their shells. He has this neat "stand up comedy" approach he told us about, where by the end of the year, he's had super shy kids getting in front of the whole class everyday and telling age appropriate jokes to roaring praises by their peers. It sounds frightening to me, I never could conquer my fear of being in front of an audience- but he told us that he and Kylee have already started talking about it, and she was really enthusiastic about the idea. I really don't worry too much about her, because I've seen her with her class, and they all absolutely adore her. I'm sure they'll just love her jokes, and I'd love to see her gain that confidence!

We left the classroom feeling a bit more like better parents. Kylee is doing well now, but she went through a bad temper stage, as well. I don't remember it lasting so long... but she threw some awesome public tantrems in her day. Hmmmm... I remember the worse ones being when I was pregnant with Owen and trying to get through shopping trips with my sanity. Maybe it has some correlation to Mommy being pregnant and not able to handle the stress of it! Who knows! We do know Owen is struggling with MAJOR temper issues right now, and we are doing are best working with his teachers on disclipline techniques to better handle it now. Maybe, just maybe, by the time he's in Kindergarten, our work will have paid off. Or, maybe not-he could just be that kid who needs a good whooping and spends a lot of time in the principal's office.

Anyhow, today was better, and for that, I am thankful.

Here's a photo I forgot to post, but seems fitting now. Kylee was her class's first star student two weeks ago- way to go, Ky!