Friday, August 7, 2009

August already. Man, where does time go? I haven't posted in a while, and we've been doing too much to try and go into too much detail in one little post. The past month has been full of visitors coming here, and us visiting my family in the Bay Area on two seperate occasions. We have been keeping close to home, otherwise- just enjoying the beauty that surrounds us right here in our mountain town. We have been attending the county library's summer reading program, have been swimming in our local pool, have been hanging with good friends in the park, and all-in-all taking advantage of a nice and hot SMOKE FREE summer (unlike last summer, where we endured wildfire smoke from June through September.) For those who've been wondering, Wes started his new job and is slowly getting used to his new role. He is currently working mostly on the 5 county airports, which he has thrown himself into, and has already enjoyed a flight on a small four passenger plane. He loved it, and needless to say is looking into getting his pilot license- oh my goodness!
I have been enjoying my summer with the kids, and have finally found the time to pick up a book and start some liesurely reading. Upon a friends request, I started the Twilight series... and I cannot put those books down. My "liesurely summer reading" has turned into an obsession, and I'm currently between book 2 and 3 as I am waiting to borrow a friend's book later this morning! I guess my lack of blogging might have something to do with every free moment reading a few more pages of these insanely addictive books!
Kylee and Owen have been doing great this summer- are generally great buddies and playmates... except for yesterday when they wanted to tear each other's heads off and I had to give them a break from each other. I shipped Owen off to his buddy's house, and had Kylee bring a good friend over for a much deserved break from spending WAAAAAAY to much time together this summer.
And Madison is on the fast track now, she is crawling everywhere and pulling to standing and falling over a bunch. She said her first word two days ago- and it was "Ma-ma"... which just melted my heart! She still has no teeth and were wondering if it'll ever happen for this poor kid! She's been chewing vigorously for months, but can't seem to cut any little chompers.
School starts August 18, which is approaching so quickly. Our one last big to-do before summer ends... is make good on our promise to build a treehouse with the kids this summer. Hopefully, now that it is in writing, we'll get going on the project... the kids have been saving up all their spare funds for months and definitely deserve it!

Madison is exploring the house at her own free will. Look out world!

Our Family pic at a good friend's wedding

My favorite Daddy and Madi shot