Monday, June 15, 2009

Grad Week 09

Whoooo hooo... my computer is back online! Here is a slideshow of the last week of school- and there'll be more photos to come of our exciting first days of summer. Enjoy!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello Summertime

We made it! School's out for summer break after an awesome final few weeks. I was bouncing back and forth between Kindergarten and Preschool field trips and end of the year activities... and I had zero time to post about it. Last week was a big one, Kylee ended her TBall season, had a beautiful Ballet Recital, we got to have my parents up for a visit, had Owen's 1st year Preschool Graduation, had my niece and nephew's Preschool graduation in Lewiston, had Kylee's Kindergarten Graduation, and even worked in a visit to my nephew's High School Graduation. Crazy! But somehow we were able to do everything and it was all very cute and unforgettable.

Owen's Preschool Grad didn't have me too worried (as far as emotional mommy stuff!)because he'll be doing it again next year. It was his first time in front of a big audience, and he really put on a show! He began the ceremony by covering his ears, because he didn't like everyone singing around him. Then he moved on to the "nose-picking" stage of the show... but, thankfully, that didn't last long. He really pulled it together for the majority of the songs, he kind of had this "80's hair band rock star" vibe going when he belted out his nursery rhymes. It was awesome. I'll never forget how happy his eyes were when he brought his diploma back to me, he was very proud! And, we were very proud of our little man!

Kylee's Graduation had me a little more worried... I had some teary eyed moments the last few days driving her to school. Mostly, because I have had THE BEST Kindergarten experience with her. I have enjoyed her class, her teacher, and all the exciting things Kylee has loved doing in school. She has loved every single day of this school year, and her bond with her teacher has been absolutely unbeatable. He was a fantastic intro into school life, and Kylee is really, REALLY sad to leave his class. To make matters worse, he was laid off, which made it so hard for all of us parents to have a good feeling going into next year. Weaverville is a good school, but we are wondering how the students are going to handle bigger primary classes and the loss of truly great teachers, like Kylee's. So, after a WONDERFUL graduation ceremony, Kylee and I were sure to let her teacher know how much his hard work was appreciated... we had snuck in and got all of her classmates to sign a matted picture frame as a final gift. He, in turn, gave me a Thank You for volunteering card and plant, and thanked me, mostly, for letting him have my sweet little Kylee in his class all year long. He was so complimentary of her as a student- I was such a proud mama! Somehow, we made it out of there with just a few tears... and now we are officially in full-swing summertime mode!

We've got swim lessons every morning, then lunch and playdates in the park, then "Mama's Summer School" at home (I know it's super corny, but Owen, esp., needs a schedule and it helps us keep up on our reading and school work during these long summer days), then quiet time (aka... Mom gets a few moments to get on the computer and/or get house work done- today I voted for messy house) then outside playtime while I make dinner! I'm loving summer break, it's still busy, but it's a more relaxed kind of busy.

I've got a whole lovely slideshow made up on my computer... but unfortunately during all the craziness of last week, our router went out, and my computer is officially offline. So, I'm on Wes' computer and all of our photos are being held hostage on my computer... I'll post that slideshow when that new router arrives...until then- you all will just have to use your imaginations and try to picture how cute all the events of last week were! Happy Summer Break, everyone!