Tuesday, September 30, 2008

<-------Check Out the New Poll

We've hit the 1 month to go mark, so I figure I better get a poll going to see what people are thinking about our new baby's arrival. Here's what our pregnancies and birth weights/dates looked like with the first two- just to help you decide.

First Due Date: October 15, 2003
Second Due Date: November 2, 2003
Mommy weight gained: 25 lbs
Kylee's arrival: November 4, 2003
Kylee's weight: 6 lbs, 14 oz

Due Date: September 13, 2005
Mommy weight gained: 30 lbs
Owen's arrival: September 22, 2005
Owen's weight: 9 lbs, 1oz

This pregnancy stats:
-So far, I've gained 24 lbs.
-I am borderline gestational diabetes, which was the same with Owen, but not Kylee. Sometimes gestational diabetes = larger babies.
-I'm carrying a GIRL, so maybe, just maybe, she'll be a little more on the petite side at birth, just like her sister.
-I'm measuring right on track for a Oct. 30 baby, but have seen ultrasound due dates ranging from Oct. 27- November 2.
-Everyone who sees me these days thinks I'm huge and have dropped, but I think the baby still has time to grow. She just doesn't feel like she's taking up as much space as Owen did, but maybe she's just found a more comfy place to hang out.
Hope all this info helps!

So take some time to vote for your prediction on our newest addition!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend at Home

As the kids get older, we are realizing that their busy schedules are going to start to dictate what we will be doing on weekends. Whereas, up until now, we only had to juggle our two busy schedules when making plans to go visit my family in the Bay Area or old friends who are far away. I'm happy that the kids are involved in the many activities our community has to offer, but a bit "unsettled" about the fact that I'm fully commited to being fully involved in life here for years to come. I always love being able to take off and be with my family in the Bay Area for random special occasions, or to just see them when I'm a little homesick for good ol' Oakland life. Now that Kylee has ballet on Saturdays and other sports events will start to fill up our weekend travel in the future... I realize that I'm just going to have to get used to being here and saving the travel for breaks from school and sports seasons (like normal people, I guess!)

"Where in the hell is Weaverville." That's what I read on a license plate frame on Main Street, where I sat with the kids on Friday while we watched the Homecoming Parade roll through town. We are definitely off the beaten path, and I found it kind of amusing to sit there among so many people going about their busy day- and to think this is supposed to be the middle of nowhere? Luckily, our "middle of nowhere" status hasn't scared away many of the people who know us, and still make the 4+ hour trek to come visit. I was so happy to have my good friend, Jen, come up with her little one, Jimmy, for a good part of last week. We had a blast being SAHMs together, getting the school kids to school, working in naps, reading, playtime, even a lunch out, and soccer practice. The kids had so much fun together, and Owen was literally a mess when we let him know Jen and Jimmy had to go back home. He got over it when we told him about all the fun we had planned for the weekend... beginning with a Soccer Jamboree on Saturday, leading to the kids having a sleepover at Grandma's! They were so excited to be free of parents for the first time in too long, and Wes and I had big plans to finally get some work done around the house, and maybe even go out to dinner to make up for our non-existant anniversary date. Despite coming down with colds the kids have been fighting, we got SO much yard and housework done. We put on "non-sick" faces and went out to dinner on Saturday (though, who knows what it tasted like! We were out by ourselves, and that was worth paying for a nice dinner!) We watched a movie that was rated R when we got home, it was full of violence and action and we didn't have to worry about kids hearing it! It was a very nice treat. Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa!

Sunday morning we got up early despite our sore, sniffling noses and got back into crazy, high speed work mode... because Grandma was bringing the kids back by 1:30 for the start of Owen's 3rd Birthday Party! We worked non-stop on party prep, and even added on extra to-do's, like "drain hot tub and soak filter." This particular add on turned out to be a to-do I should have saved for a less busy time. Because, I, apparently, am not great at doing too many things at once anymore... and I happened to flood the laundry portion of my just-cleaned-house when I left the hot tub filter filling to soak in the laundry sink while I went to the store. Awesome! Instead of a nice, clean house to play in... our hallway looked like the kids could do some slip-n-sliding for a fun-filled indoor party game. By chance, my friend Shannon, wrote the party time down for an hour early, so she dropped her kids off to play while she went and got her carpet shampooer. Shannon was a HUGE help, spending a half hour or so sucking water out of our carpets! Even after this minor set-back, the party turned out to be a lot of fun. And after the crazy fun weekend of activity at home, I'm happy to do what it takes to fully commit to being a "Weaverville Mom." Our life here is so blessed, and though we may have to go a little longer between fun, out-of-town excursions, we'll still make the trips when we can. For now, I'm just going to focus on enjoying the beginnings of my kids active lives... I have a feeling it's going to get SO MUCH CRAZIER when these guys hit high school.

Baby Jimmy comes back from the huddle during Kylee's soccer game.

Kylee runs off the field during her Jamboree, and is all smiles cause it's the parents quarter to play in the game!

Kylee and Tesla cheer for their dads as they rock the soccer field!

Team photo... Go Sharks!

Mom does some safari animal face painting for Owen's B-Day party

The kids loved their Elephant party craft, and Natalie even skipped out on the cake so she could continue to work on hers

The kids with Owen's Tiger cake

Brian and Owen show off their new trunks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Owen's 3rd Birthday

Our little guy is growing so fast! I can't believe he turned 3 today! He has been telling everyone for weeks that his birthday is "September Twenty-two," and he woke up so happy to have his big day arrive. We were down near Yosemite for a wedding this weekend, so we did not have his party yet... but we still managed to work in some fun today amidst the laundry and unpacking. A birthday bash is scheduled for Sunday... until then, here are some pictures from his party at preschool and after dinner with the family. Happy Birthday, Owen- we love you, little man :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Ballerina

Kylee had her first ballet recital last night. She and a few of her soccer teammates had to cut out of soccer practice early, to get home and transition in to ballet mode. This totally reminded me of my childhood, where I had to juggle my love for dancing with my passion for sports. Now, my daughter is going down the same path, and it is so exciting to watch her enjoy participating in so many different activities. Watching her giggle with and race around the field with her friends, then switch gears and blossom into a dancer was so fun!

Here are some pictures and video of Kylee all dolled up with hair and makeup and all... and dancing on the big stage at the performing arts center.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Relay for Life

We had our annual Relay for Life this weekend! We spent 24+ hours at Weaverville Elementary School, setting up, coordinating, and walking at the event. It is always such an emotional gathering, with cancer survivors of all ages walking among us- and loved ones lost to cancer in all of our hearts. We enjoyed spending time with great friends in our community, all with the same goal... keeping your team on the track through all hours because cancer never sleeps. Kylee and Owen had fun playing all day with their cousins and school friends, and had no trouble falling asleep in our tent, despite all the excitement of the night at Relay! I slept some in the tent, but mainly just rested in the warmth of our blankets... because our temps at Relay went from over 100 degrees in the afternoon, to 44 degrees in the middle of the night! Wes was a trooper and stayed awake for every second of Relay, and maintained entertainment and equipment through the day and night. We are all pretty sleepy today, but are proud of what we accomplished. Our small town was able to raise over $70,000, which we are very happy about considering it's such a tough time economically for so many people. Our team was second overall in fundraising, with over $11,000, and I was able to raise the most funds online- thanks to all my wonderful supporters! Thank you all for donating, and just keeping us and all those who walk to find a cure in your hearts!

My niece, Brynn, Kylee and Owen listen some entertainment at Relay

Our Team gets ready to take our first trip around the track.

Our theme this year was "Kicking Cancer out of our Life", it's a football theme, thought up by my 7-year-old nephew, Shawn- who came up with it for his Grandpa who is battling brain cancer. His Papa Steve walked with our team for the second straight year, and we are so proud of him and his strength in this battle!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy 70th Dad!

Tomorrow is my Dad's 70th Birthday! We are all tied up with our Relay for Life event this weekend, so I just wanted to do a quick "shout out" post to my awesome Dad. He is a great example to all of his six kids about leading a good life, taking care of family, and working hard. My kids adore their Grandpa, who always makes them laugh and takes extra time to do the little things with them, like play on the piano, playing outside, walking the dogs, and just chatting about all the goings-on of their busy little lives.
My dad my mom are amazing, as they stay busy in retirement volunteering at the Red Cross and the Oakland Parks and Rec, taking piano and other courses at the local JC, traveling, kayaking, and running marathons. We thought we'd add to his busy schedule, by getting him a new bar for his backyard patio- so now he can perfect his already amazing bartending skills!
We love you, Dad! Here are a few pictures from his surprise Birthday celebration in Oakland last weekend:

Checking out the Bar

Mom and Dad get ready to order some drinks!

A group shot of the family at a nice Birthday Dinner out.

More of the group!

Dad's ladies: Mom, daughter, and 1st Grandaughter

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love ya, Babe.

Eight years ago today, I got to marry my best friend! Time sure has flown by, and each day keeps getting better and better. I'm so lucky to be married to such a devoted husband, loving and goofy father, and all around amazing human being. We're opting out of dinner out, as I'm going to the soccer game and Wes is donating his time at the pool and for Relay for Life logistics tonight- see what I mean, he's amazing! Thank you for 8 loving years- love ya, babe.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Moms are Amazing

I remember the first thing I thought after going through Labor and Delivery of Kylee was... "I can't believe how amazing Mom's are!" Giving birth was so extremely painful, yet completely rewarding, I was more than grateflul to both my mom and Wes' mom when they came into the delivery room to meet Kylee. I instantly felt a bond with all moms, and I told my moms "Thank You" for going through all that pain to bring me and Wes and our siblings into the world. I also have been learning over the years, that as my kids get older and I get "tested" with new "mommy predicaments," that delivering a baby is just the beginning of a lifetime of moments where I will say "How did our moms do this?!?"

As we are getting into the swing of the school year, I can't believe how busy life has become now that both kids are in school, five mornings a week. I thought I'd be sitting home everyday, folding and laundering baby clothes and cloth diapers, and cleaning house as I nest and prepare for the new baby. Well, all that nesting stuff will have to wait- life is INSANELY crazy at the moment. I'm in Kylee's classroom at least 2 mornings a week- I love helping out while I have the chance, and it's just a constant reminder how much FUN Kindergarten is! I can't get enough of that place, and her teacher is doing an outstanding job teaching the little ones. Not to mention, I'm getting to know all three of the Kinder classes pretty well, and learning a lot about the kids who will be Kylee's peers for the next 12 years. I also have been trying to spend extra time staying on top of my work as an office manager for Wes' dad. And, all of our spare time has been planning, advertising, and fundraising for our big Relay for Life event this weekend. I have prenatal appointments every-other Wednesday morning now. We crammed a trip to Oakland in this past weekend, so all the busy-ness of travel, packing and unpacking, getting back into the school routine is consuming my current morning. Last week we had our first week of soccer practices mixed in with a busy back-to-school night and our usual weekly payroll evening. Between preparing for Kylee's first Soccer Game tomorrow and first Ballet Recital next Tuesday- I find myself wondering, how do mom's do this!?! I absolutely love the challenge of making my days run smoothly... here is my current attempt at keeping our school days organized:

This laminatd schedule has been awesome- the kids and I made it- and since they are not readers, they decided on what pictures we should take for each thing we do during the day. We adjust the schedule a bit when when have a game or practice, but have been doing great about keeping to our checklist- they love checking things off, and wiping the slate clean for a whole new day of fun the next morning!

So, until our lives get completely switched around again by baby #3, it's been fun "pretending" I have some sort of control of the maddness that is our daily life! And to all the mom's out there who are working at home or at work... just pat yourselves on the backs, and take some time today to remember that you are awesome!

Here are some pictures from last week's soccer practice followed immediately by dinner and back-to-school night.

Kylee and some of her U6 team get ready to scrimmage

Owen and Reef practice their sideline kicks

Kylee and her teacher, Mr. Sprague

All of Kylee's class- they really are such a great bunch of kids.