Friday, March 28, 2008

Blogging about the Weather

So, yesterday I was outside in my spring attire mowing our lawn in the sunshine. Today I just dropped Kylee of at school in her "Friday, Gardening Day" clothing- and there are snowflakes falling outside. Gotta love the crazy weather- I just hope we get something that sticks because Owen's been begging to make a snowman ever since our snow storm over a month ago. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring- or not-so-spring like weather in your part of the world!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It was one jam-packed Holy Week!

Last Sunday night we kicked off our busy week by throwing a big viewing party to celebrate Owen's TV debut on AFV. It was fun to have friends and family around to share in our little guy's 5 seconds of fame!

Monday was St. Patty's day, and the kids and I headed off to Kylee's school all dressed in green. We were surprised to find Leprechaun's had visited the classroom- they left a trail of gold dust and footprints everywhere. It was very cute. Owen and I went home, only to get a call 30 minutes later that Kylee wasn't feeling well. We picked her up and she looked a little green herself- so we headed right home (which is about a 3 minute drive.) However, she didn't make it all the way home- as we were heading up our hill she was vomiting all over herself. I felt terrible watching her strapped in to her carseat, she couldn't even lean forward and her upper body was just covered. I am not great with dealing with vomit- as soon as I stopped the car, I was digging through the chunks to get the poor little girl out of her 5 point harness- and was totally dry-heaving myself. I stripped her down in the driveway and ran her to the shower, and ran back outside to get Owen (who was sitting quietly locked in his seat out of vomit range, and told me- a bit tramatized- "Kylee's really, really sick.") We spent the morning taking care of Ky and hosing out all the fatalites in the car. As she got better, she told my she thinks she ate nuts at breakfast snack at school. So, I called the school , and found out that they had mixed a bit of homemade granola into the regular granola that said "no nuts" on the box- and that the mix had a few almonds in it. Kylee has had a few reactions to certain nuts in her life, so we stay away from them- and we kinda hope that she will just grow out of this allergy. Monday we found out she still has a nut allergy.

We got back into our routine the rest of the week with school and gymnastics and playdates. Thursday I turned the big 3-0, and my wonderful husband and kids treated me to a great day! Wes let me sleep in, and I woke up to Kylee bringing me Starbucks... a kitchen full of balloons and a delicious breakfast. That afternoon they all worked together and made me a beautiful cake- and Wes made a delicious dinner. It was a very special birthday!

Friday began the weekend activities. At school, Kylee's class was treated to a interactive performance by a drummer/lead singer in a popular local band. The kids (and mommy!) loved it! My parents came to town and we made them smoked salmon for our Good Friday dinner. Saturday we went on a family bike ride, dyed eggs with Owen's friends in the park, and went to dinner with both my parents and Wes' parents down in Redding. When we got home, the kids got ready for bed and set out treats for the Easter Bunny that they thought he would like. Kylee dictated a noted for me to write, and they headed off to bed. In the morning, we woke up to hear Kylee slamming our door open, saying "The Easter Bunny ate his snacks, and left a note!!!!" That started a very exciting morning hunting eggs in the house with my parents, church for some, and then a big family lunch and egg hunt with Wes' family, as well. We all had a very exciting Easter week, and are looking forward to relaxing a bit this week!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kids helping kids

Yesterday was a big day for Kylee! She has been planning on cutting her hair for a while, and we measured it and realized it was long enough to donate to the American Cancer Society to help make wigs for kids. Kylee was very happy at the idea that she is going to help a child with cancer feel better with a new wig. We weren't sure if she'd be ok after she found out HOW short grandma was going to cut it, but grandma showed her- and Kylee was completely excited. She held on tight to a picture of a girl who might get a new wig because of Kylee's donation, and felt great the whole time. Grandma cut off Kylee's ponytail at just over 10 inches, and we all love her new hair cut, especially because it helps out the sweet children who battle cancer. Kylee says she's going to grow it for two more years so she can donate her really long hair again! Here are some before and after pictures...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Tune In

We got a call the other day from the people at America's Funniest Videos... and they said though the funny little clip we submitted did not make it as a finalist, it will be appearing on their show airing March 16, 2008! So, check your local listings, set your TiVo's and DVR's, and remember to watch the new episode of AFV to catch a glimpse of the family on the big screen :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Race Day in Redding

We started off March with a bang- and ran in our Annual John Frank Memorial Race in Redding with my parents, and Wes' mom. We even pushed our kids and nephew, Taylor, in jogging strollers for the 3 mile race- which was great! Wes and I took turns alternating between single and double joggers, and just had fun having the kids experience the race with us. Next year, we'll get down early enough for the kids to compete in the 1 mile race- they are getting really excited to be a part of this event each year. Linda did great in her race, she smoked her time from last year! My mom and dad were as amazing as always- not only do they do great in the 10 mile race, but this year they had the energy to drive the hour back to our house with our kids, and their dogs. Then they played outside with them, soaked in the hot tub with them-while fending off MANY attempts of their German Shepard to join them in the tub.... AND watched the kids at bedtime so Wes and I could catch a late night movie. I don't know how they do it- thanks so much, mom and dad! They headed back to Oakland on Sunday, and they are already missed- we all had such a great time. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

All set to start the race

Wes with the kids at the finish

The kids get some playtime

Hanging with the group and the dogs at the finish

Grandpa teaches Kylee to chuck-it for Beau